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Art By Color

Looking for art in a particular color? The collection links below will save you some time!

If you'd like assistance with a custom size or orientation please contact us.

Color Color Can Symbolize
Red Art Atonement, Blood of Lamb, Blood of Jesus, Humanity, Love of God, Salvation
Blue Art Authority, Healing, Heaven, The Holy Spirit, Word of God
Green Art Flourishing, Growth, Life, New Beginnings, Praise, Prosperity, Resurrection, Restoration
Yellow Art Anointing, Faith, Glory of God, Joy, Sovereignty of God
Gold Art Altar, Beauty, Divinity, Eternal Deity, Foundation, Glory, Holiness, Kingship, Majesty, Precious, Righteousness
Purple Art Jesus, Kingship, Majesty, Mediator, Priesthood, Royalty, Wealth
Orange Art Fire of God, Deliverance, Passion, Praise
Brown Art End of Season, Faint, People, Pride, Rags, Weary
Black Art Affliction, Calamity, Darkness, Death, Earth, Humiliation, Mourning, Sin
White Art Bride of Christ, Conquest, Harvest, Holiness, Light, Purity, Redemption, Righteousness, Surrender, Victory
Pink Art Right Relationship with God, Third Sunday of Advent, Third Sunday of Lent
Aqua/Turquoise Healing, New Jerusalem, River of God, Sanctification