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Article: Unique Hand Textured Wall Art Giclees On Canvas

Unique Hand Textured Wall Art Giclees On Canvas

Unique Hand Textured Wall Art Giclees On Canvas

Unique Textured Wall Art Giclees On Canvas

A treasure of the gallery is Mark’s original hand embellished abstract giclee canvas ESN (Embellished, Signed and Numbered) edition. Each ESN canvas is hand embellished with thick textures from palette knives and paint brushes with energetic brushstrokes. There is no other gallery with such a large collection of beautiful textured art on the web.

Mark’s unique ESN hand embellished canvas giclee’s are offered only in limited editions for fine art collectors. These distinctive textured canvases are designated as ESN editions in the gallery.

Hand Textured / Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Art

Hand Embellished by the Artist

Hand Embellished Canvas Art

Ultra Hand Embellished Canvas

Each ESN limited edition giclee is hand embellished by Mark Lawrence making it one of a kind artwork. Every inch of the canvas is meticulously textured to add a dimensional effect that is difficult to distinguish from an original oil painting.

Ultra-Painting Texture

ESL- Textured Art Detail

Textured Art Painting Detail

Mark’s ESN ultra-textured art embellishing process involves repainting by hand brushstrokes using an archival-quality clear heavy body acrylic gel medium. The time intensive process adds a new dimension of depth and dimension to each canvas.

Signed and Numbered

Front of Canvas Hand Signature

Every gallery limited edition is hand signed on the front of the canvas by Mark. This signature certifies Mark’s inspection and approval of the artwork. The piece is then numbered, and also hand signed on the back of the canvas to ensure authenticity.

Back of canvas signed & numbered

Back of canvas signed & numbered

Certificate for Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Signed Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) printed on velum is included with each gallery Limited Edition giclee. The COA includes the artwork title, size, type, and edition number. The COA is hand-signed by Mark.

Archival Longevity

Gallery giclee is hand varnished with a protective finish against to protect each canvas against UV light, moisture, and scratches.

In the ESN edition Mark applies his unique touch on every individual numbered canvas. No two ESN canvases are the same. Mark paints over the entire art piece to add rich texture, making the giclee look even more like an original oil painting.  Mark’s embellishing techniques are as distinctive as the art he creates.  Each ESN edition canvas is customized to present a one-of-a-kind collectable artwork.

Dedicated to Museum-Quality Artwork

Mark’s gallery is the exclusive source for his authentic textured canvas art ESN editions.  Art in texture purchased from the gallery makes the perfect center piece for your living room, office wall, waiting room, den, bedroom or hallway.

Decorate your home or office with Mark’s original, exclusive and striking textured paintings. Browse the extensive ESN textured canvas art collection in our online gallery and find art for sale that speaks to you!

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