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What is a Giclee?

What is a Giclee?

The word “giclee” (pronounced zhee-KLAY) comes from the French word “gicler” meaning to squirt or spray. This refers to how an inkjet printer sprays ink to produce a giclee art print.

The giclee printing process produces a fine micro-stream of ink to produce a vivid, pure color fine art reproduction. A giclee print’s colors are bright and uniform, even when examined up close. Giclee art prints are known for exceptional details that are suitable for fine art gallery or museum display.

What makes a Giclee?

The discipline of producing a giclee involves a digital high-resolution image of the artwork, typically a 10-12 ink cartridge printer, archival quality pigment based ink, and canvas or paper media designated as archival. Mark Lawrence Gallery uses the finest large-format printers, archival fine art canvas media and archival quality inks to produce our limited edition giclee prints.

Color matching from computer screen to canvas is done through state-of-the-art software to produce the highest quality limited edition giclee print possible.

Mark has pioneered the use of high-resolution digital media technology in the creation of his intricate interpretative art.  His original art is composed and digitally composed on high speed computers specifically to deliver exceptional giclee print quality.