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Artículo: Loneliness

Loneliness - Mark Lawrence Gallery | Collector’s Edition Handcrafted Christian Art
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John Milton said that loneliness was the first thing that God named as not good. Mother Teresa said that the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted.

Do you feel alone? God designed us with an innate need to be loved. When our need for love and belonging is unsatisfied we naturally feel incomplete and unhappy. We all feel alone during seasons of our lives. The good news is that we may be alone, but we do not have to be lonely.

We all can enter into a perfect relationship with someone who accepts us and meets us as we are. That relationship begins in the Bible. There God tells us His story and opens the door to the most important and meaningful relationship we will ever have.

The story gets even better. We don’t have to work to earn acceptance and love in this relationship. In fact, we are the ones being pursued as God gently taps at the door of our heart.

As soon as we receive God's gift of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ, we are instantly adopted into the family of the Creator of the universe. Our great God welcomes us as His child and places His Holy Spirit within us as our Counselor in this world. Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Helper who will abide with us forever.

God also gave us His Spirit-filled Word in the Bible. Every day as we read His Word and prayerfully talk with God we experience the calm embrace of our loving Heavenly Father. He is never too busy to listen. He is pursuing you right now as His own beloved child.

If you are suffering from loneliness do not despair. God has a cure. His name is Jesus. He is standing at the door knocking for you now.

John 15:5. Abide In Me

 John 15:5 Abide In Me

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