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Mark Lawrence Art NFT Collection

Now collectors can purchase and own the only original certified digital art file in existence of their favorite Mark Lawrence artwork.

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are unique digital tokens that live on a blockchain and verify ownership of an exclusive digital artwork piece. Digital artworks via NFT’s can be purchased and resold. That means, like so much else involving the blockchain, there’s also an element of investment and speculation when purchasing crypto art since you may be able to resell a work for profit down the road.

Millions of dollars, and thousands of copies of Mark's open edition art prints have been sold and are displayed in homes, offices and commercial buildings throughout the world. Available NFTs of Mark’s digital artwork are now available for collectors at mintable.app

Mark Lawrence NFT's are accompanied by an artist signed and ultra-hand embellished canvas giclee certified NFT Edition stamp that is hand created and shipped by the artist to the buyer.