Infusing Paintings with Holy Scripture

The Painting with Light technique is an innovative new digital art process that Mark Lawrence uses to literally infuse scripture verse from the Bible into his artwork.

Mark wanted to find a way to incorporate into his Bible verse inspired paintings the actual words from the scripture that moved him to create each painting. After several years of trial and error, he refined a high-quality image rendering process that he could use to digitally re-paint each work using the exact words and text from the Bible verse as the digital paintbrush.

The Painting With Light technique uses a time-intensive process that first analyzes the original artwork at a very high resolution and then creates a digital paintbrush from the Bible verse that inspired Mark. The Painting With Light rendering process then digitally re-paints the artwork using only the words and text of the scripture. The amazing process colorizes each letter and word of the verse to match the original artwork, and digitally renders it in overlapping copies, millions of times across the canvas. Some works take up to two full days before the one of a kind new canvas has been completely Painted With Light.

The beautiful strokes of pigment and color blend together much like a Seurat painting. Some have commented that the imperceptible words appear to cascade as rain across the canvas.

View all of Mark's wonderful Painting With Light work in the Painting With Light Art Gallery.