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What Is a Limited Edition?

What is a Limited Edition?

A limited edition is a restricted number of archival quality prints that are produced from a master artwork image. Limited editions are released by the artist to create scarcity or exclusivity among art collectors over time. Limited editions may also be established based on a unique print size or dimension of the master image being offered by the artist.

The Size of an Edition Never Changes

Each individual limited edition print is signed by the artist and numbered with a fraction, for example 5/50. The fractional numbering is termed the edition number of the artwork. In the example above, the first number (5) represents the unique number of a single print in the edition. The second number (50) is the total number of prints available in the print edition.

Smaller Editions Are More Valuable

When limited edition sizes are small, the individual artworks in the edition are more scarce. A print from an edition of 50 will be more rare, and potentially much more valuable than a similar limited edition print from an edition of 500.

Edition sizes are typically set by the artist and take into consideration collector demand for the artist’s work. Please contact the gallery if you would like any additional information about our edition sizes.

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The Artist’s Signature is Everything

Before he hand signs his name on each of his limited edition prints Mark believes that it is critical for every print to present with the exact color and details that he has intended. In addition to fidelity to the original vision, each print must also be able to stand the test of time. Mark’s limited editions are intended be heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.